What are Landing Pages?

Good question. These go by many names: enquiry forms, squeeze pages, offer pages, contact forms, personal information forms, you name it! These are online forms where a registrant fills out their contact details to register for newsletters, competition entries, prizes, free samples etc. The data is captured and transferred to the Advertiser and added to their database of interested subscribers.

Why use LolaCreate?

Market Leading

The only Landing Pages on the market backed by LolaGrove. Deduplicate, validate and format your subscriber data.

Top quality leads

Only receive data that represents a verified, genuine lead that wants to receive your product. No time-wasters.

CRM formatting

Data which slots straight into your CRM without the drama. Duplicate entries are scored and dealt with easily.

A hand up

Too often, mailing lists are sold without the leads' knowledge or consent. With a LolaCreate landing page, you know they are ready to hear from you.

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